Munitor Gruppe solves the following tasks for real estate owners:
1. Formation of a qualitative tenant mix, taking into account segmentation and synergy.
2. Development of competitive advantages of a commercial facility.
3. Identification of inefficient tenants.
4. Optimization of the level of rental rates.
5. Signing of long-term lease contracts on favorable terms, transaction support.
6. Consulting at all stages of work.
Professional brokerage of commercial real estate consists of the following stages:
1) development of a merchandising concept;
2) negotiating and attracting tenants;
3) coordination activity;
4) service and consulting.
Development of a merchandising concept.
At this stage, the level of the price policy of future tenants is determined, based on the solvency of the target audience of the shopping center. Further, the zoning of the facility is determined: the allocation of the thematic zones of the shopping galleries, taking into account the location of the expected “anchor tenants” and synergy. A lease plan is being developed with the definition of the correct rental rates, and a number of prospective tenants is designated.
Negotiating and attracting tenants.
At the negotiation stage the broker finds a consensus which suits all the participants of the lease relationship, followed by negotiation and signing of the lease agreement.
Coordination activity.
Coordination activity includes the management and control of tenants, the settlement of disputes between the parties to the lease relations and much more.
Service and consulting.
This stage of work includes rotation of tenants, monitoring the relevance of rental rates, marketing support, consulting and advice on various issues.