The concept of a commercial real estate determines its future success in the market and provides a consistently high profitability in a long term period of time for the Owner: its area, number of storeys, target audience, tenants necessary for the facility, their allocation, determination of which type of area zoning shall be the most efficient, which side is the best to organize the entrances to the building, how to arrange a vertical communication system and visitor movement, as well as many other important aspects.
Concept of an office building
The concept of the office building determines what shall the business center be, its layouts, volumes, specialization, functional content.
The construction of a modern business center is hardly possible without concept development, however, unlike shopping centers, where the concept is based on identifying the target audience of consumers, determining the necessary tenant mix and its allocation in the building, the key role will be played by the definition of all necessary infrastructure.
Concept of a warehouse complex
Conceptualization of a warehouse allows us to work out the right solution for development of a warehouse complex, reduce costs and develop a plan for implementation of the project. The concept of the warehouse is developed taking into account the logistic, architectural, financial, engineering and commercial components, at all stages of implementation from design to equipping the engineering infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the modern warehouse and industrial real estate market.
Concept of a sports venue
Offering you our competencies, we guarantee the quality and efficiency of the work performed, responsiveness, balanced decisions and solutions based on our own and international practical experience.
We are convinced that the concepts developed by us and the subsequent professional management of the Facilities shall allow to:
• create a multi-functional, cost-effective world-class facility that meets all modern requirements;
• exclude the violation of the deadlines and the overrun of expense budget;
• optimize operating costs;
• create additional opportunities for income growth from the management of the facility.

The concept can include many different sections. For example, the concept may include the following sections:
• general analysis of the economic situation;
• analysis of the land plot, transport and pedestrian flows;
• competitive analysis;
• description of the construction object;
• format and positioning of the facility;
• target audience;
• storey themes;
• potentially interesting tenants, anchor tenants;
• system of entrances and exits, customers’ movement between the storeys;
• zoning of retail space;
• financial plan (lease policy);
• 3D-visualization (exterior, interior, landscape);
• tenant attraction strategy;
• PR and promotion;
• other sections.