Management company is a team of professionals with experience that can provide high-quality management at any level: Аsset Management, Property Management or Faсility Management.

The main goal is to increase the value of the asset or portfolio of assets and increase the current income of the Owner (Investor, Customer), and to create additional revenues as well as reduce operating costs.

For us, management is a set of processes of formation and development of management decisions that ensure the best feedback and efficiency from carrying out their own strategies and tactics for the rational use of assets in the interests of the Owner. The creation of the Management Company proceeds in two stages.

Stage 1 (creation of the Management Company):
• detailed audit of the facility or project;
• development of the management structure of the facility;
• staffing table and job descriptions for employees of the management company;
• recruitment and testing of personnel (we shall form teams for both commercial and operation management of the facility);
• development of tender documentation;
• organization of tenders for selection of subcontractors;
• development of necessary regulations for the services provided, as well as for operation and management of the facility;
• rules, guidelines, regulations, financial plans and budgets of the Management Company and the facility;
• training of employees of the management company at the site.

Stage 2 (further support of the Management Company):
• development of a motivation system and control of staff performance indicators execution;
• adjustment and optimization of the facility management structure;
• control over implementation of developed and recommended technologies, management and operation policy of the facility:

      • organization of attracting tenants;
      • formation of a list of potential tenants;
      • ensuring interaction with tenants;
      • setting of receivables management;
      • implementation of marketing activities.
    The main tasks of the Management Company are formed on the basis of the Owner’s goals. Within the management framework of the facility, the tasks of the Management Company can be summarized as follows:

  • Ensuring a stable income:
    • performance to rent payment collection plans;
    • ensuring the most effective use of rental space, including the organization of brokerage;
    • creation and optimization of additional sources of income from the use of the facility.
  • Creating an attractive environment for consumers:
    • high quality of provided services;
    • creation of an atmosphere of cleanliness and safety;
    • creating comfortable conditions – ensuring the normal functioning of the engineering infrastructure systems of the facility.
  • Optimization of costs associated with the long-term operation of the facility:
    • preservation of the real estate – organization of a unified system of preventative maintenance;
    • constant monitoring of the market – selection and control of the Contractors’ performance.
  • Creating a positive image of the facility:
    • implementation of advertising and marketing activities aimed at creating a positive image of the facility – working with consumers, tenants and their employees, as well as with potential tenants;
    • Creation of favorable treatment – interaction with state authorities and administrative bodies.