The company’s specialists are ready to participate in the development of the project, starting with the development of strategy and design, guarantee the support of the construction of the facility up to the date of commissioning, ensure its integrated operation and are ready to provide the following services within the project:
• strategizing development and the zoning concept of the sports arena;
• project support during the development of project documentation in terms of subsequent integrated management;
• project support at the stage of implementation and acceptance of construction and installation works;
• support of activities during the pre-operational period, commissioning;
• brokerage of the commercial part of the project;
• integrated management of the existing sports facility;
• marketing support of the project; development and implementation of marketing strategy.
The advantage of attracting our company at the stage of audit, concept development and design is that by cooperating with us, the customer receives a project that meets the owner’s requirements, the requirements of guests and users of the sports facility.
The introduction of advanced management technologies, as well as modern software and automation will help to minimize the operating costs of the stadium infrastructure.
This shall prevent the occurrence of technical errors and will help to minimize investment. We will help you evaluate the commercial, technical and financial part of the project, and, accordingly, reduce risks and make a reasoned decision about its implementation.
Offering you our competencies, we guarantee the quality and efficiency of the work performed, responsiveness, balanced decisions and solutions based on our own and international practical experience.