coordination of tenants

Support of the project when working with Tenants at the stage of development of design documentation

    Formulation of a document called “Design and decoration guidelines for tenants”
    Consisting of:
    — design elements of the tenant in the design of public areas, border areas, types of glazing and fittings, molding zone and the location of the tenant’s logos
    — approved finishing materials for tenants
    — ways and options for the location of advertising elements of the tenant
    —the authorized lighting equipment and its location in the area under tenant’s control (1.5 m from the storefront)
    — allocation and alternatives for entrance spaces of the tenant
    Support of tenants at the design stage and up to the date the facility is opened
    Anchor tenants generally start their projects at the design stage of the main facility. This stage is characterized by the following types of work:
    — coordination of the issuance of the required technical specification for tenants by designers
    — organization of obtaining the necessary data for the tenant
    — tenant support and advice in choosing the right engineering and architectural solutions at the stage of preparation of their project and integration into the systems of the facility
    — issuance of a list of requirements and specifications to the tenant
    — receipt of the draft from the tenant
    — analysis of the architectural solutions in accordance with commercial objectives
    — transfer of technical sections of the tenant’s project to the general designer and receiving clear comments for the tenant
    Support of the project when working with Tenants at the stage of performance and acceptance of construction and installation works:
    — сoordination of the tenant at the construction site
    — control over the provision and signing of all necessary document by the tenant for access to the construction and installation work
    — control over compliance with and execution of the project and design and decoration guidelines for tenants at the construction site
    — organization of acceptance of the tenant’s premises by the Customer
    — control of the design and the location of advertising signs on the facade