Maintenance of engineering systems of modern real estate is a job that requires a lot of experience and impeccable professionalism.
Our company operates on an open-book system, which guarantees absolute transparency of operating costs. Prior to signing the contract, the Customer approves the operating expenses budget, the staffing schedule and receives a detailed report on all the work performed on site on a monthly basis with recommendations from the operation service staff to improve work or prevent extraordinary situations.
Each facility has a Chief Technology Officer appointed, who is fully responsible for the maintenance of the engineering systems. Round-the-clock communication with a representative of our company at the facility allows you to immediately solve all the problem situations that arise for the Customer or Tenants.
• Creation of comfortable conditions by ensuring the normal functioning of the engineering infrastructure of the facility;
• Creation of an atmosphere of cleanliness and safety;
• Organization of a unified system of technical maintenance and preventative maintenance;
• Conduction of permanent monitoring of the market with the purpose of selection of suppliers with the best quality / price ratio;
• Daily monitoring of the Contractors’ performance.
• Organization of maintenance and repair systems for buildings and structures, engineering systems and equipment;
• firefighting systems, security systems;
• ventilation and air conditioning;
• building management systems (automation and dispatching of all engineering systems);
• heating, water supply, sewerage systems;
• technical operation of buildings;
• mechanical systems;
• power supply, electrical power equipment and electric lighting;
• acceptance of the facility;
• conduction of pre-operational activities;
• development of the necessary normative, technical and other documentation
• organization of daily cleaning;
• execution of routine maintenance involving industrial climbers;
• organization of snow removal;
• placement and replacement of stain-resistant carpets (seasonally adjusted);
• carrying out disinfection measures;
• organization of improvement of the adjacent territory and internal zones of the facility.
• selection of a security provider to ensure the security of the facility;
• development of regulations for security of the facility;
• development of the safety data sheet of the facility;
• interaction with supervisory authorities (Emergency Ministry – Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response; Police; «Rosgvardia» – Federal National Guard Troops Service);
• the development of a scheme for arranging posts and a patrol scheme;
• control over the operation of the security alarm system, video surveillance systems and other technical means installed in the room, the central monitoring console (CMS), as well as the response to the actuation of technical means;
• protection of material assets transferred to the Contractor for secure keeping;
• monitoring of compliance with the internal security policy;
• arrangement of the access control: control of the entrance / exit of visitors to the site, the staff of the tenants and the management company, control of bringing in and carrying out of valuables to / from the administrative premises, control over the movement of valuables by tenants, control of the entry / exit of vehicles.
• сontrol of public order on the site.