Asset Management is the management of property, fixed assets, financial flows, strategically oriented to the needs of the investor / owner in order to achieve the optimal level of investment efficiency.
In other words, Asset Management — is a set of measures to preserve and increase the market value of the property (the standard of the asset) or the portfolio of real estate (portfolio standard). Asset Management, therefore, is a holistic set of actions for management of real estate, based on the life cycle of the asset, taking into account the level of development of the real estate market.
The main objectives of Asset Management are:
1) development of an investment strategy for a portfolio or a single asset, determining the optimal exit time (Timing). Definition of investment principles, investment conditions;
2) development of requirements for the search for assets for acquisition in accordance with the investment strategy;
3) search for assets for acquisition. Analysis and selection of assets. Investment consulting, financial consulting;
4) transaction management: monitoring and market research, location analysis, due diligence, real estate valuation, investment, reinvestment, real estate financing, reporting for the investor in order to ensure transparency of all actions of the manager;
5) organization and management of debt, mezzanine and equity financing;
6) structuring and execution of transactions for the acquisition of rights to assets;
7) implementation of the investment strategy while respecting the interests of the investor;
8) obtaining the maximum efficiency of investments at all stages of the life cycle of the asset and the market, taking into account fluctuations in profitability and risks;
9) creation of value, increase of return on invested capital through active management;
10) tactical portfolio management, organization and control of outsourcing;
11) development of an integrated concept of real estate management with detailed study of the business plan, maintenance of the whole life cycle of the asset / portfolio;
12) organization and control of commercial (Property Management) and technical management (Facility Management), management of marketing and leases: conclusion, modification, extension and termination of lease relations.