The experience accumulated by specialists of Munitor Gruppe shows that in parallel with the construction there are various approvals and changes to the project and construction design documents that can also make their own adjustments to the previously approved business plan.

Even rather small adjustments can lead to an increase in the cost of future operation. Any “saving”, visible at first glance, in the long run shall result in unplanned costs of operation. The operating company during the construction phase is forecasting the future costs of the owner for maintenance of the infrastructure, taking into account all the planned changes in the project. In this case, decisions about any changes shall be more carefully weighed.

It is possible to single out the following types of services that Munitor Gruppe offers to the owners of facilities at different stages of design, construction and commissioning:

  1. Support for the development of technical specifications for the design, control over compliance with established standards, the optimal modes and technology of operation.
  2. Prediction of the impact of design and construction decisions on the investment attractiveness of the property, recommendations for equipping the facility with engineering systems and proper equipment.
  3. Consulting of the Customer on the issues of providing guarantee obligations for the completed construction works, materials and equipment used.
  4. Independent evaluation of design decisions from the point of view of their further operation.
  5. Support of the investment project by the maintenance specialists at the construction stage is not technical supervision in the usual way. Our specialists register the deviations from the project at the stage of construction and analyze them taking into account the future impact on the operational parameters of the facility. When analyzing, we work with various operational indicators: a set of technical, space-planning, sanitary-hygienic, economic and aesthetic characteristics that determine the operational qualities of the facility.
  6. Consulting at the stage of preparation and commissioning of the facility, operation budget planning, conclusion of contracts for utilities and specialized works, organization of an effective operation service, professional cleaning and security.

Thus, the involvement of Munitor Gruppe in the design and construction of a property becomes a necessity. Thanks to our company, the owners remove the risks associated with unjustified operating costs, and receive a property with an optimized, well-established, managed operating infrastructure.